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"Those two, I believe were to be distractions while this one here, got after you."

Belina looked down at the bodies and frowned. She would have liked to have captured the sith agent but from what she had heard through the door she knew that he had no other choice.

"Excuse me for a moment." She said as she opened up a comnline to the bridge. "Bridge, this is Belina. Please send a team down here to get rid of a few bodies down here. They are directly outside Lady Jun-la's quarters."

"Admiral!" Garja's voice sounded relieved. "We assumed that you had been killed when we recieved no response to our earlier message."

Belina frowned. She had heard a few words through the static that had her worried. "Status report. Was anyone injured by the sith?"

Garja's voice sounded hesitant. "Admiral...Grand Admiral Velerc has been badly injured. The sith managed to sneak aboard the Death's Head and attacked him. Right now he is in critical condition aboard the Imperial medical frigate.

Belina dropped the communicator on the ground as her hand went numb and her face turned an unnatural pale color. Dad...she thought urgently. Not many people knew that the Grand Admiral of the imperial fleet was her father, For a long time she had hated him. Much earlier in her life, when she was younger her mother had been part of a convoy that had been destroyed by him. He hadn't known she was in the convoy but still Belina had hated him. It was only recently that she had started speaking to him at all.

"First off." She said quietly. "Thank you Kavrik for saving my life. If you want to you can take the night off. If you want to I can have you meet my bridge crew either tonight or in the morning. But I need to get going. Grand Admiral Velerc is in critical condition. If you have any questions feel free to ask Garja."
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