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Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
I'm not familiar with publishing practices, but is it normal to have an uncorrected proof bound? And if it is uncorrected, how did he get a copy (I just assumed it was an advance copy to a reviewer/whoever that got leaked)?
There are different version around yeah...if you look at, there are some people who read books 2-3 months before they are officially released. Seems strange though...I would've thought non-disclosure agreements would be the standard in this industry.

OT: Strange story. Why drag another Sith Lord in? Exile and Revan should have been enough. And the Exile isn't a powerful Jedi...she just leached the energy from the Lost Ones around her, becoming a superhero Jedi. And the Lost Ones didn't go with her to the Unknown Regions so it's only logical she only has her 'standard' powers left.

It does feel a bit...bad to have Revan and the Exile in stasis. This means they can be dragged out of storage room for an appearance TOR. They should've killed Revan of or had him kill the Emperor, leaving a big question mark for TOR to fill.

I do feel we need to get the cane out of the cupboard and give that Emperor a darn good spanking for hurting our beloved Revan.

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