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Well ****. Saw the part of the emperor "dead at another jedi's feet" so I guess now we know for sure which is the canon ending.
Then again, spoilerific thread, oh noes!

Though for the record my attitude on this game just went back down slightly into "BULL ****!"

To be brutally honest, it's Drew Karpyshyn's character and he is at full creative liberty to do with it as he wishes. I don't agree with it, but whatever. I'm not so attached either. I'd probably be the same were I in his place, though I'd try to be a little more respectful of preexisting canon (but who cares right?).

Paraphrase: "We can't keep up with every little piece and detail of canon because SW EU canon is massive--but we tried pretty hard."

[HK-47]Mocking Translation: Oh I "fixed" what I didn't like about previously established SW canon, and if you give me the benefit of a reasonable doubt, you'll believe that I genuinely tried my best not to **** it up. I was just a little more modest about it this time so I could get away with it. Heheheh Dumb@$$es.

Hint: Form VII Juyo Vaapad 1,000 years before Mace Windu invented it, anyone? (Nice Try, Donkey Kong!)

EDIT: I tease of course, because the source of the leak is blowing things WAAAY out of proportion based on that which Drew Karpyshyn didn't pay any attention to, like little details (detracting from the point of the story). I'm sorry but you CANNOT make a judgment based off assumptions made from a LACK of evidence unless it is obviously conspicuous. Example: Since KOTOR 2 was not well known to the rest of the Galaxy, it is unlikely the little details about the members of the sith triumvirate would be common knowledge. Even if the rebuilt jedi order knew some of it, they collectively could not have pieced it back together to give a 100% recitation on EVERYTHING.[/EDIT]

BTW has anyone read the bio about Darth Jadus?
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Also if that force ghost on the Taral V Developer walkthrough is indeed that of the Exile as some youtuber suggested to me...then the only face and hair I can come anywhere even near matching that with of the female player faces in K2 is the bushy blonde used for that one jedi woman in the malak recruit vision in Kressh's tomb:
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which retcons that she had brown hair. And even this doesn't mesh. This is all speculative of course. The only things I have supporting this are this new tidbit, the images, and perhaps that the force ghost would choose to befriend Master Oteg of all Jedi, who would remind her of Master Vandar.

@J7 I agree. I, too, wish they would have left them alone. Sort of. Retconning K2 is a fool's move and that Revan has been blown out of proportion by fans.
Side note: I suppose now we'll never know about Arren Kae.

Originally Posted by Lordjedi View Post
I would have thought so, but strangely one of the "True Sith" Jedi Knight companions in The Old Republic is named Darth Scourge. I think it may tie it with that.

He had also shown the page of the Exile's death, FWIW
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About scourge...wasn't he the sith warrior to be out dueled in that video where the developers showed gameplay of both light and dark choices? Seems to me that's him.....He saw a different Jedi kill the emperor and now he's your companion. Coincidence? I think not. Kind of similar to Juhani if it *is* him.

I am not surprised in the least, though, that Karpyshyn decided to marginalize K2. Not only is it a very deliberate ****ting on Obsidian, but to add salt to the wound, gave the exile a very lackluster end.

[EDIT]: That *is* just my opinion though. Production of just about any kind is a competitive business afterall. I may not like it, but it is what it is. Out of necessity. [/EDIT]

So now it was Revan, not the Exile, who detonated that Mass Shadow Generator.
[EDIT]: Again, the exile's story was unknown to mast the galaxy, that doesn't mean gnost dural's recitation of history is infallible or inaccurate. [/edit]

BTW, KOTOR2 isn't "completely" retconned, just compartmentalized:
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They'll probably say Nihilus had the powers too but was so weak anyways, that it didn't matter and that the universe wasn't actually in any danger from him.

Like master Vrook Lamar said, "Perhaps it is merely what you believe." ...Then he somehow got spooked into believing it b/c his death was imminent and the force betrayed him.

Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
I'm not familiar with publishing practices, but is it normal to have an uncorrected proof bound? And if it is uncorrected, how did he get a copy (I just assumed it was an advance copy to a reviewer/whoever that got leaked)?
A betrayal of trust by someone working closely is not unheard of in publishing or otherwise--hence laws which protect trade secrets. So basically, it could be a draft or it could have been the final shebang just before reaching the printing press for the books.

Then again, we already know about HK-47 more or less. It looks like an intentional leak to me. Unverifiable on purpose. Careful on what information to release.

@ thread: personally I didn't know what to expect. Actually this somewhat supports this little nightmare theory that has been gaining traction in my head for some time now. Anyone care to guess what that is?

Hint: He who looks like anakin in the timelines has been reborn as one who looks like vader in the cinematics. There have been a lot of little hints to this end.

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