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Alriana slowly stepped out of Jun-la's quarters and looked down at the bodies that littered the floor. She turned back to Jun-la. "I think it would be a good idea if Kaillian were to stay in her room for a bit. There's a bit of a mess out here."

She turned to look at the man who had apparently killed all three sith without much effort and watched as he left. She couldn't sense him in the force at all."

She turned to Belina who was leaving. Her face was pale and her hands were shaking. Something must have happened. She opened up a comnline to the bridge.

"Admiral Garja, this is Jedi Alriana, what happened? The only thing I could tell was that there was some sort of emergency."

There was a slight pause. "A sith agent managed to sneak aboard the Death's Head and badly wounded Grand Admiral Velerc. Admiral Belina is heading to the shuttle bay to head to the medical frigate that he is being treated on. As far as we can tell the sith agent was after Belina as well."

"Was anyone aboard the Ackbar injured?"

"We're still getting reports but so far only a few guards outside the brig were stunned but it looks like they'll recover shortly."

She turned to Tavaryn. "Should we follow the Admiral?" She asked quietly.
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