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EDIT, 10-06-11: It seems I might be being harsh. Part of this was due to my initial revolt when I originally posted which I'd think is fairly understandable. I am sorry if it offends, but I am not sorry for being opinionated.

Now that I have had some time to remove that revolt, let me clarify: I am not BASHING on Karypyshyn. I don't think I like how it is for the exile because I am a bigger fan of the Exile than Revan, but I'll accept it considering the alternatives. Furthermore I do agree with Drew Karpyshyn that to leave the Exile OUT would be an insult.

I can accept what happens to Revan because, again, Revan was created by Drew Karpyshyn and anything players got to do with Revan was strictly 'borrowing' the character.

Same goes with the Exile. Anything we do is "borrowed".

I don't like being put back into a spectator role (as J7 says below) and disagree with it intensely. Still, it is what it must be.

I wish others would acknowledge that. /EDIT

@Topic: I would not say that KOTOR 2 has been retconned so much as marginalize because it was not largely known to the galaxy. Basically just because something is not spelled out or given specific attention does not mean that it necessarily has been retconned.

However it seems Drew Karpyshyn has responded to criticisms that K2 has been retconned. I'll let you decide for yourself.

@ spoiler:
Now I looked carefully at the page on the right in that spoiler image of the proto-book and text.

From what little I could decipher
it talks about Revan still being alive and of use. Possibly from the Emperor's point of view. It's very hard to read and you can't see all of it. However, it does seem the Sith Emperor has left Revan alive.

Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
Thanks for posting all this info, Avlectus...
But this one page is it? Revan doesn't break free to have an actual duel with the Emperor? Seems a bit of a wussy way to go for him. For the Exile, okay...beytrayal was the central theme of her story anyway. And refusing to pass on to the netherworld in order to piss off the Emperor feels like her as well.
Okay so we have some common ground on the Exile... Hold on a moment... I'm feeling sick from what has been done.....
Sorry. Just heaving up my exile fanboyism.

As far as Revan being "taken down in such a wussy way"...well, look at the bright side: you can't call him a mary sue anymore now, can you?
Not at Ztalker but @ Revan fanboys in general: Seriously, if everyone is still complaining about him being a mary sue and yet also complains about him NOW being taken down so easily (which would tend to negate that mary sue thing), then you need your head examined. /rant
Besides, the emperor took a cheap shot anyways.

I don't think this was meant as a finale but merely a transition, as a supplement to the game.

Actually, I have sort of had this notion in my head building up for awhile now, that somehow Revan is still alive even into the old Republic. (I wish it wasn't the case, but it looks like it's happeing. Oh well.) I personally think we have been looking at "Revan" since 2009. I have found some little hints to this end. It's a genius idea.

Also note this book will be short:
So, Revan is “only” 320 pages or so. Because that’s how long it took to tell the story I wanted to tell. Some readers might be disappointed by this. Some readers might finish the book and feel like they wanted more details about what happens to Revan and the other characters in the book. But for me, that’s not the worst thing.

If somebody wants more, that means they enjoyed what was there. That means they were entertained by what they read. They were engaged in what was happening. And to me that’s a far, far better thing than boring my audience with filler.
Fair enough.

For your interest:
And don’t expect Revan in the novel to be the invincible bad-ass you played at the end of KOTOR. Because that would be boring and lame. Revan is still a bad-ass, but even bad-asses can get their asses kicked by other bad-asses. And the relative badness of a specific ass rises and falls based on numerous factors throughout the narrative arc, so that a wuss-ass at the beginning of the novel may become the ultimate bad-ass at the end.

Got it? Good. Later.

Whadya know, Revan isn't all powerful like his fanbase wants to believe.

However, I don't know if the hair on toy figures is canon. I recall a story about a Revan toy which had a bald head. That doesn't mean 'bald Revan' is the canon Revan though. He could've shaven his head. Just like Nihilus could've been in a Bob Marley mood. I'd prefer Three Little Birds over evil theme music any day...
Who shot the sheriff, now?

Yeah that's why I said speculative. Also I know about the bald Revan figure which was made that way in order to be able to make the hood thing work.

I guess I'm trying to critically analyze this using symbolism and abstracts as evidence. The best ways you can tell if symbolism is in play are prominence and coincidences.

Fatal alliance novel by itself made no sense whatsoever in the greater scheme of things and yet even as much of a cluster**** as this is all turning out to be, they still would not put someone up in a main novel who wasn't important in some way.

However there are a lot of seemingly random odds and ends. At first they make no sense, until you begin searching out similar instances and associated narratives with those instances.

Darth Jadus and bio. Okay... at first we're kind of .
Analyze the bio and find the character is a lot like Nihilus minus the hunger thing. Then Aurebesh says he also has a daughter. In an odd sort of way that makes sense as a nod to Visas. The Sith council is also wary of him, but he has no "hand" (force user) in his employ, only strictly intelligence.

Next, who would that daughter be? I don't know for sure...but I made an educated guess.
I find a human dreadlocked redhead sith woman Eldon Ax stands out a bit for standard SW fare. Don't you? The only other person with hair like the nihilus figure's hair. Well okay, Quinnlan Voss had dreadlock hair but has no relevance here.

You'll see Eldon Ax will be associated with the dark council as Dath Howl's apprentice. From the novel we know what happened to her mother. However she never knew her father. In a direct context it makes no sense, but in the abstract you see now two characters whose blanks fit into each other, plus are in similar but opposing proximity in the hierarchy. To me that suggests there is something to be looked into. Is Eldon Ax the daughter of Darth Jadus? Why would that little fact about him having a daughter be hidden in Aurebesh?

You have the narrative: promising young sith woman who will be watching the back of a councilman, with a promising career ahead. Witty and cunning.

You have the narrative: a mysterious, enigmatic, emotionless and quiet councilman. Presence almost like death itself embodied. Someone about whom "there can be little doubt he is playing a long game", and in the meantime it is a stalemate in terms of what the other sith would do about him. "Who is the hand of Darth Jadus?"

EDIT: @CAD yeah, I guess I should spoiltag even if some of it is publicly available.

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