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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
Suddenly we need spoiler brackets on the title because something tells me the last four posts weren't spoiler-free...
Excusez moi. Been away from the forums for quite a while. Should've put spoiler tags around my replies...

After Darth Avlectus posts and seeing the 'Revan' trailer on the website, I can't really shake the feeling that Revan will be dragged out into the game like Arthas was in WoW. Since he's a light/dark character he could be a questgiver for both DS and LS characters. I hope they'll do it in a respectable way though, like was done with Arthas. For people who haven't played WoW: Arthas actually KILLS the players and the raid group. A Deus Ex Machina (ghosts in his sword turning against him, like the finale of the fourth Harry Potter book) are needed to actually get him down. Quite epic.

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