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I sent the following email to Mr Drew Karpyshyn, not expecting a response as I would imagine he's busy with his various projects. Did direct him to this thread so we may hear from him...

Dear Sir,

I would be greatly appreciative if this could be forwarded to Mr Karpyshyn as I presume this will be reviewed first by an assistant.

Firstly I would like to apologise for those members of the KotOR community who have direct abuse at Mr Karpyshyn with regards his upcoming Revan novel, seemingly forgetting that in many respects the whole KotOR Franchise would not exist were it not for My Karpyshyn's award winning work on the first KotOR game. It is similar to the way there are many George Lucas haters, and as bad as I feel the prequels are, and as awful as many of the adjustments to the Original Triology are, people often seem to massively blow up over matters which are essentially not important, and seemingly forgetting that with our Mr Lucas Star Wars would not exist at all; unfortunately the internet is home to both hyper-bowl and extreme obnoxiousness.

I can only speak for the majority of forum members of the KotOR section of the Lucas Forums boards where I am a moderator. Firstly we would want to thank you for all you did towards the first game, for the great writing, and for making one of the few genuinely good Star Wars games, as lets be honest Lucas Film and Lucas Arts, now seem more concerned with making money than actually producing good products. However I would say that the community is concerned over the upcoming book, I know my opinion does not count for anything, but ultimately I feel especially the case with the Exile that this book didn't need to include him/her. The essential problem seems to me, is what is the point in making an RPG, if your then later going to decide, the name, sex, force alignment and fate of the players charachter? Instead of allowing a player their little place in the Star Wars universe as a protagonist it is then taken away from the again, and moves them back into a spectator role. For me personally I'm not bothered by retcons, but I think leaving the Exile would of been by far the best course of action, (though I must confess Revan dying does entertain me, in that it would shut all the ego-centric fools who think *they* are the most powerful force user in Star Wars up); if possibly I think leaving Revans gender and pre-memory loss alone would of been good. Though all the above is now beyond a point of being able to change.

I have read your blog post of 30th of September, but I can't help disagreeing with it. Whatever your arguments are for the Exile death scene needing to be read in context, it just doesn't fit either of the established characters. It would at least seem to me that Revan's strength was being a great force user and tactician, the Exile on the other hand is a great warrior. Revan I don't think would willingly face the Emporer without a number of pre-requisites, one of them would certainly be not going with a Sith Lord; Revan it would seem to me would not leave such a thing to chance. With regards the Exile, the death doesn't fit the charachter either. Now if they (Revan and the Exile) fought one on one, I think the Exile would win, however it would never get to that point as Revan would set a trap and use others to kill the Exile. As such I don't think having the Exile stabbed in the back by a Sith Lord, is a fitting death at all, regardless of how you try and argue it. That is of course just one fans take, but frankly I think a better death for the Exile is deserved, especially to fans of the second game. Possibly a heroic death sacrificing him/herself for others, which is the characters general story arc would be alot better. Though, I ultimately think leaving the Exile entirely out of it would of been the best course, with regards Revan I don't think that was ever an option with the upcoming MMO and Revan heading off to stop the "True Sith", but c'est la vie. Please don't drag Revan out in TOR, in any capacity other than being a dead body....

One fans 2 cents; than you for taking the time to read this letter. The KotOR Lucas Forums thread on your book can be found here;

Kind Regards,


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