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Well, I realized I hadn't posted in here for a while. I've done some more work on this between school and work. The initial areas are almost done & playable. I should be starting to work on the first planet relatively soon. I also got a couple skins ready for further in the mod. (Trying to do each area chronologically; But, I may start jumping between various areas just to get them done. ) On a side note, since the last update, I found out that my laptop is entirely supported on Windows 7; So, I made the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. (I backed up everything before upgrading, so no work was lost in the process.)

I noticed one problem when I was testing my initial areas for any bugs: Upon transiting to the second area, my temporary party member is on the wrong side of a static door. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't stopped working on this, despite not making an update post in a couple months.

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