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I was hesistant about posting my requests here because I felt embarassed, but I read about the following Kotor 1 new planet and side quest module mods; I have checked ALL of the mod pages out there including the ones in the Where to Find Mods thread and NONE of them has these and the links are all dead; if someone has these, please PM me links, please. I have included the threads I read about them at to describe them, just in case.

I'm looking for:

Jolee's Hut -
The Words Of Power -
Legion Of The Deadeye v0.99 -
More Sith in KotOR -
Deleted Echani Mercenary on Manaan restored -
Pingag The Duros Chapter II: The Real Truth -
New Planet Shola (final version posted 8/5/07) -
The Hunt For Bastila -

Thanks in advance to whomever can help.

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