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I see some assumptions being made.

What makes anyone here think "revan" will still be in cryo incubation when you get to that point?

What makes you think a being with such a powerful force essence is going to be left dormant, just laying around for someone to find and rescue?

What makes anyone think "Revan" will still be in a form we recognize as the Revan we know?

What makes anyone think that "Revan" in whatever form he is currently taking will even remember his previous life?

What makes you think that just because
the Exile Ghost
says prisoner, that it is meant literally?

I'm suggesting "how about prisoner of the darkness only, like his current form is physically free to roam while the past is a mystery to him". In other words, he is working for the enemy and currently unaware he once sought to destroy it.

Originally Posted by Lordjedi View Post
Note: This post is an assumption based on info known or leaked.
No it was released as a developer walkthrough earlier this year.

After seeing the Taral V flashpoint (Thank You, Jaevyn, I had not seen that before) this is starting to make a lot more sense and the book seems better.
For those who had not seen the Taral V flashpoint, please see it here:
Um yea we've known about this for a little while. I mentioned it above.

I believe the force ghost in the video is the Exile. What we know so far is she dies and turns into a force ghost. When she is talking to Master Oteg she mentions a prisoner, this prisoner is most likely Revan. She says he has been imprisoned for 300 years and is extremely powerful.
See above. It's kind of obvious who she is talking about when it matches up with the timeframe.

Her speaking in metaphor about "ashes raining down on lifeless planets" and "stars burning black" also coincides with
Darth Malgus.

P.242, SWTOR Decieved, Paul S. Kemp, ISBN 978-0-345-51138-6, Released March 22, 2011
"His vision on Korriban had shown him a galaxy in flames. But it was not just the Republic that required cleansing by fire."

Deny it if you will. I have more hints. I've been paying attention. "Revan" has been looking right at us all along, and what is ironic is this time he isn't completely masked. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

It's great, and nobody believes me either.

After doing some research I found other discussion threads regarding this topic.
Post #19 by Dalagrath is starting to get it on the how.

I think when you get to that complex, it will be empty. Revan won't be there.

The Emperor knew about it obviously. And if the Emperor ripped the mask off Revan's face and "plumbed revan's mind", don't you think HE could have had access to the complex? I think the complex is part of the story's "end game", as a trap: this will be the case regardless if you are jedi knight or sith warrior.

Why Jedi knight is obvious.

Why Sith warrior? Well say you killed the Jedi order, and made an example out of the Chancellor and Satelle Shan before executing him and giving her the choice to convert or die.

You don't think the Emperor is wary of you? That you aren't a threat to him now? You might just have a vision of being the new emperor yourself. Or maybe you just want to sit back and watch the world burn starting with his corpse.

A user in the thread (Page 2) says he read the book and at the end Revan and Lord Scourge are kept alive by a Sith Alchemy technique only the Emperor knows,
Yeah, Transfer Essence. It's really the only way he could have lived for 1000+ years.

I would assume it also keeps them from aging (Scourge leaked pictures).
Sith species live for quite awhile, though nowhere near 1000 years if I am not mistaken. But you're right, the emperor could use this technique on any of his subjects, not just himself. (Hint Darth Sidious punished Bevel Lemelisk this way.) It would have to involve something either like Marka Ragnos' alchemical regenerative process (refer to jedi academy), or...cloning.

I think this means that the Emperor had imprisoned Revan alive to consume his power and Lord Scourge ties in with this as he is a Jedi Knight companion.
Why not wipe his mind, give him a new life and make him believe it was the only life he's ever had? Once done, why not arrange to press him into service once more?

So I think Revan is not dead, and it's the players (end game content? since Taral V is only a level 32 dungeon I don't think Revan will be rescued) who rescue him.
I agree, it'll probably be end game content. I agree "Revan" is still alive, though not in his original form, and won't realize he needs to be rescued. Which probably means when you encounter "Revan" as he is now, you'll probably have to fight him.
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