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@OP: Oh no, it wasn't enough that the comics did it 2 or 3 times.

A Maul clone came after Luke, and was shot dead by uncle owen.
I don't think this was canon.

The real Maul came to tatooine, bottom half cybernetic somehow having lived at the bottom of the disposal shaft which just so happened to be a crystal cavern, and was sustained by crystals that happened to form in the bottom, and livedall that time.

Ok maybe this was the same one as above and that wasn't a clone... If not then it was one where Obi-Wan got to kill maul again. Either way I don't think this is canon.

I really don't give a **** at this point anyhow because it's squeezing blood from stones for profit.

Then there is the one where another version of darth maul, either real one healed all back together or a clone with all the memories, was sent after Vader as a challenge, and Vader won. I don't care if its canon or not. Heard it wasn't but this is 2003 we're talking here.

Can't leave well enough alone I guess.

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