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Alrighty, now I finished my two mod playthroughs as well as a full TSL non-speed playthrough, in order to refresh my memory of TSL lore. I have screenies for you guys!

A skin for my Big Skin Pack.
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A little something from my Recruit Balak Mod:
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Now, I finally conjured a way to balance out my Xbox Time, Modding Time, and Real Life Time. On my free days, I will alternate from the Xbox to modding on a daily basis. However, there will be those times when either I'm hanging out with friends, or busy, so keep that in mind. Now, this is the "true" start of my WIPs, as there should be no more major interruptions. "If" there are, I shall keep you guys informed, and I'm very sorry that my WIPs progress had been so slow in the past. I really am.


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