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Well, update time: First, I fixed the bug mentioned in my last post. Second, there are now journal entries for the quests so far. So, I am going through & adding the entries/quests in-game. Finally, I am almost done with the initial version of the Corsair Nova. As such, I expect to be working on the next planet soon. With this in mind, I thought to give a video clip from the beginning of the Corsair Nova. (Side note: still trying to tweak the camera so it shows the player at the beginning instead of the droid.)

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YouTube Video

Originally Posted by JebusJM View Post
I didn't see this thread at first, but the mod sounds really interesting. Maybe Jebord Esio can make a cameo...?
Maybe, if the model used for him is in TSL's game files.

Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Try starting a new game. This type of modification often requires a new game to see the effect.
Worked perfectly when I restarted again, but only after you suggested it.

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