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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
It's still a big part/plot of the game thanks to Avellone's anti-religious stance.
Although that might have something to do with it, it's likely more than just that. I believe he did say that he went over much of the SW material at that point, and obviously found himself frustrated. Likely because out of everything, it really isn't properly explained, to any degree, just what the 'force' is. With Kreia's mindset, she was betrayed by the Jedi, and the Sith, both of them users of the force, who mostly use it blindly, taking little care for what it really is. Aside from revenge, what if another motivation, is her fear of what the force is?

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
The in-game explanation is that the Exile syphon's the force from your companions and is additionally some sort of "Force Black Hole". Although I supose I'd look at it differently that the Exile underwent a healing being around people again, having been away for so long; the relationships and force bonds, caused the Exile to feel the force again; but of course that's only my thoughts on *my Exile*.
The black hole idea really doesn't fit, although it may be close. I say that, mostly because it suggests the exile forcibly draws energy from everyone, which she does, but not like Nihilus. Where he draws energy from any source, the Exile draws only a limited amount- likely not enough to actually drain someone of life, or their force power(the actual powers themselves, notwithstanding). When the life around the Exile is plentiful, it is easy to draw the needed energy. Why could Kreia almost kill the Exile in the Enclave? Well, it mirrors Malachor, with the lingering feeling of dead Jedi, and even the planet itself is mostly desolate(not to mention the bond between the two, and a blade in the stomach). The reason the same doesn't happen on Malachor V during the endgame, in a similar scenario? Kreia's comment that you are not truly a Jedi or a Sith. Malachor is a world plentiful in the force, and the Exile uses that, no matter which side he or she lays claim to.

Did Traya really expect to win?
Perhaps she did want to win, but only at first. At that point, it is only about killing what she hates, fears, etc. Along with using the Exile to do it. However, after the Jedi Enclave, it is easy to see that her goal changes - even if she is still using the Exile just the same.

She takes out the Jedi Master's herself(if the Exile didn't do so already), and basically paints a target on Atris, along with the three Sith lords, herself in included. At this point, it was more about getting rid of the idealism that had betrayed her - that of the Jedi, and the Sith. At least, any of significance that remained.

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