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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
At what point does Kreia nearly kill the Exile? (I have only played lightside, will sound lame but even in a video game I can't be mean to the people). But at least it seemed to me the Exile was knocked unconscious as a result of Kreia forcing the Jedi Masters to let go of them trying to cut the Exile off from the force.
With a DS Exile, if he or she kills the Jedi Masters, either on their respective planets, or right there in the enclave(which I haven't really done), Kreia berates the Exile, which culminates in her taking out a lightsaber, and stabbing herself with it - which through their bond, effects the Exile as well(at least with TSLRCM - in the vanilla game, she uses force drain).

It might not exactly be "almost killing" the Exile, but it is likely that he or she survived only because of the link(or bond) with the companions.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I don't think Kreia actually wanted to kill the Jedi Masters in the LS playthrough, she wanted the Exile to show them they were wrong; her revenge would be them admitting they were wrong; Proof that in fact Kreia was right and they were wrong, however they still continuing along a cowards path of inaction. Her revenge was meant to be the Exile being her student and what the Exile represented, but when the council tried to cut the exile off from the force/kill the Exile, her hand was forced.
That, I do agree with. Presented with the truth, presented with the facts that they lacked, their recourse is to act just as they had before. Hell, that would make me want dispose of them, even as a LS Exile.

"She has brought you truth, and you condemn it? The arrogance."

She does express some degree of pride in the fact that a student of hers was able to best them, but dislikes the fact that you couldn't show them the truth(At least for the DS path).

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