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My Scripting Question's

Instead of making a hundred threads for some weird scipting questions im just gonna put them all in this thread.

1. How do you make a script that checks if the player has Already talked to an npc? Example: Mandalore: I have a hideout, go to the Crystal Caves on Dantooine and meet me there. After talking with mandalore you talk with him again and he says "Go to the crystal Caves on Dantooine. How do i do this?

2. Make an NPC leave your party. (I've searched the forums and cant find anything like this)

3. Make an npc Check if you have an item through Dialog.

4. Make an Npc spawn in a different module. EXAMPLE: Your in the Dxun mandalorian camp and you talk to a mandalorian, after you talk to the mandalorian an NPC spawns in the jungle.

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