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I received a reply from Mr Karpyshyn;

Thanks for the e-mail. (By the way - I don't have an assistant who reads
this - you must think we get paid way more than we actually do. None of
the Star Wars writers are what I would call rich - we all have other jobs
to make ends meet.)

Your suggestion to leave the Exile alone is one others have made, but it
was never an option. The character is too well known and there is too
strong of a demand from the fan base to know her fate; you would have
preferred not to have her in there, but I believe the (often silent)
majority of the millions of KOTOR fans want to know what happened. And for
me Revan's story wouldn't have made sense without her involvement.

I appreciate your comments regarding her "death" and my rant against
spoilers, and I thank you for the civil tone you used to deliver them.
However, I stand by my original position. You can't get any real sense of
the characters as I portary them in the novel until you actually read the
novel, and there's a lot more to the final scene than what was "leaked". I
spent 100,000 words building up to that, setting things up, establishing
characters, motivations and other factors, so to judge it based on
somebody's 500 word "summary" is - I believe - unfair to me. You say you
want a heroic, worth death, and once you see what the goal was and what
was accomplished I think you'll realize that is what was achieved.

However, you are entitled to your opinion. Hopefully it will change once
you read the novel... but once formed, opinions tend to stay fixed. That's
why I'm urging people to keep an open mind. If you go in thinking you're
against what I've done, it's often a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you're
far less likely to appreciate or enjoy the novel.


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