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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Thanks for your input, though it's my time to waste serving no purpose, and last time I checked I was free to do with my time what I like. Though apart from anything else, I thought it good for Drew to know that not everyone who disagreed with the novel hated or felt the need to flame him.

I'm also sorry I hadn't realised two adults weren't allowed to have a conversation/send each other emails even if "it's pointless" (which for point of fact most of our correspondence with other human beings is, for example what purpose did this reply serve? Or my reply back serve? You think I'm going to change my mind after a few ad hominems from you?)
Did I insulted you or something? It seems you got offended by my response.

You can email Drew a thousand times and I wouldn't care. However, your message to him that you revealed here is not fair to Revan fans in my opinion. You dubbed Revan fans as ego-centic fools in your message, which is a very clear insult.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Great, sorry for having an opinion different to yours. I'll have to remember next time I'm sending an email from my personal point of view, I should actually make it balanced in case someone disagree's. If it bothers you so much why don't you write an email to Mr Karpyshyn?
Sending an email to Drew now would serve no purpose. Because the Novel is going to be released soon and we cannot expect any changes in it. We are too late for this exercise.

Also, you can have different opinion from me. I have no issue with it but your message is not balanced. Read it yourself and then get back to me. When you are addressing a writer, you should try to be fair in your message, if you plan to reveal it in the public.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Seriously, jealousy? HUGE jump of logic here; Yeah I'm real freaking jealous of a fictional charachter... Or maybe the ammount of people who come on these boards claiming Revan could beat Yoda, Vader, Sidious, Jesus and Gandi's ledt flip flop together just causes me (and others) to be cynical towards "their" Revan. I'd rather my Revan didn't die, but she's a black woman; not the generic male Caucasian most people on these boards are; I'd quite happily see their Revan die.
I am not the one who made those claims. Judging by how badass Revan was portrayed during KOTOR games, people generally perceived Revan to be very powerful. This still does not justifies the position you took for Revan in your message. I can argue that Revan was indeed a brilliant tactician but he was not afraid of facing his enemies head-on, if he had to. That is what he did against Mandalore the Ultimate, Yusanis, Juhani, Darth Bandon, Bastilla Shan (Dark), and Darth Malak.

Also, I admire Yoda, Vader, and Sidious. Yoda and Sidious were certainly among the most powerful Force users in Star Wars mythos. Vader is also among the decent lot.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
So just another Revan fanboy then? Just to note, my opinion was that Revan is a more powerful force user than the Exile as well as being a better leader...
No, I am not just another Revan fanboy. I do understand the character of Revan a lot better then you do.

Also, what is this?

"Now if they (Revan and the Exile) fought one on one, I think the Exile would win, however it would never get to that point as Revan would set a trap and use others to kill the Exile."

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I think whatever Mr Karpyshyn decided to do he would of been criticised by someone, nor do I think a professional writer who is continually re-hired can be of "average caliber".
Again, some authors have great talent and can write great stories. Drew is not among them. However, this does not suggests that Drew would not get to write Star Wars related work.

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