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Bug issues?

Hey I'm playing Revenge of Revan on an unmodded koror2 game and I ran into a little problem. I don't know if this is the place to report bug issues but basically I can't find the black box 2 in the corllian jungle. There is a piece of debris in a northeast knob right under where you find the dead beast master. I can click on it but it doesn't open up as a container. I'm wondering if that's where it is. My impressions of the demo? great! I have one thing to say. I hope the space station involved in the storyline is Centerpoint Station from the Star wars books. That would be cool. Origins on the station are ambiguous at best (lore says it moved planets into the corilloian sector) and I have a theory that it was built by the Ratakan the aliens who built the Star Forge. Every Star Wars needs it's death star style super weapon and I hope centerpoint gets included in the final version of this mod. Good stuff guys! I'm enjoying playing this!
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