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Hey I'm playing Revenge of Revan on an unmodded koror2 game and I ran into a little problem. I don't know if this is the place to report bug issues but basically I can't find the black box 2 in the corllian jungle. There is a piece of debris in a northeast knob right under where you find the dead beast master. I can click on it but it doesn't open up as a container. I'm wondering if that's where it is.
Check your inventory for the black boxes. They are all found in the jungle module where the beast master was. When you click the wreckage you will get them but unless you have the fix patch you won't know you have it till you check your inventory.

The location you mention next to the dead beast master is not the placeable with the black box.

It's in the jungle section.
If you still have trouble finding it then send me a message at my profile and i will give you the 3 locations so you can let me know if this is a bug.

I'm glad your enjoying the mod.



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