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Sorry I didn't reply to your other thread, but I wanted to wait until all the dust had cleared from the launch of AMD's new Bulldozer architecture and I had a definitive answer as to who had the better chip. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing, because the answer's the same as it's been for the past 5.5 years: Intel.

So, what I'd recommend for your build is a Core i5 2500k and either an ASUS or Gigabyte Z68 motherboard. The only substantial difference between the i5 2500k and the i7 2600k is that the 2600k has hyperthreading enabled to emulate 8 cores (4 real; 4 virtual), and it's $100 more. If you don't need that, and most people don't, just get a 2500k.

As far as overclocking is concerned; you've got it backwards. Intel has reduced overclocking to unlocked CPUs only (the "k" models), but the difference in price between locked and unlocked CPUs of the same model is only about $20.

As for GPUs, you've also got that backwards. Nvidia's architecture is generally less efficient than AMD's (there is no ATI anymore), Though there isn't as big a difference as there was a couple of years ago. DX11 is simply a GPU hog. The reason I stick with Nividia is because I still like to play KotOR and TSL every now and then (as well as other older games) and they still run on Nividia cards with 0 fuss. Not so with AMD. Depending on your monitor's resolution, I would recommend something on the level of a GTX 560ti or HD 6950.

Finally, you live in SoCal, right? If so, then you're in a unique position. You live near Fry's electronics and, more importantly, Micro Center. Micro Center has terrific deals when you buy a 2500k/2600k with select motherboards (like $60-80 off), so you'll probably be able to get your CPU and motherboard for less than $300, even with Kalifornia's atrocious sales tax.

EDIT: The Anandtech Bench is a great resource for comparing CPUs, graphics cards and SSDs.

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