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A brief follow up...

I've determined the elements from the "Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit" which need to be set for this to work. I started off with the Windows 98 compatibility mode, and started turning bits off until I found a config which works perfectly for me... everything is very quick, and the sound is working just fine. Some of the items I turned off were slowing down graphics, so I recommend using this setup:

Add Write Permissions To Device Files
Change Authentification Level
Correct Create Event Name
Corect File Paths
Correct Sound Device Id
DirectPlay Enum Order
Emulate Create File Mapping
Emulate Create Process
Emulate Delete Object
Emulate Fine Handles
Emulate Get Command Line
Emulate Get Device Caps
Emulate Get Profile String
Emulate Heap
Emulate Missing EXE
Emulate Play Sound
EMulate Slow CPU
Emulate USER
Emulate Ver Query Value
Emulate Write FIle
Enable Restarts
File Version Info Lie
Force CD Stop
Force Co Initialize
Force Keep Focus
Force Shell Link Resolve No UI
Giveup Foreground
Handle API Exceptions
Handle Reg Expand Sz Registry Keys
Handle Wvsprintf Exceptions
Ignore Exception
Ignore Load Library
Ingore Scheduler
Load Library CWD
Map Memory B0000
No Ghost
ProfileS Env Strings
Profiles Get Folder Path
Profiles Reg Query Value Ex
Sync System And System32
Virtual Registry

I'm not saying that a few of these might not be able to be turned off, but I had no problems with them turned on, so I didn't see any reason to do so.

Hope this helps. Post a note if you find anything more.
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