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The project is going well.

One of my new writers has been working on some nice side quests as he is being brought into the fold of the project. I have two additional writers who plan to be also help in writing dialogue and content for the project.

I lost a weekend, since I was Beta Testing swTOR. (Had a lot of fun )

I'm also in the middle of reading the Revan Book and making notes on how Revan and the Exile will be placed into the game and what possible changes.

One concept idea is to have it if the player chooses the canon Revan story when they have their first conversation with Master Drayen. This would be highlighted with the option where you mention you do not care about the facts around Revan and the Exile.

If you choose to select the gender and alignment of Revan and the Exile you will get a slightly different non canon story of Revan in the game.

This will allow players to see how this game would connect to the cannon Revan Book story if they choose to.

If they don't want this and choose the gender and alignment themselves, they will get something slightly different, which will have elements from the Revan Book's elements but the major elements will be from my view of Revan, which was created for this game from the beginning.

I believe this will satisfy both players, those who want more strict cannon on Revan and Exile and those who want fully define these characters and see a new story that would fit into the transition of kotor1/2 and swTOR.

More updates will be coming as we get closer to winter break.

Next update will be about Creating Side Quests
This will also have tips for other projects and quest designers. (Aimed to be a slight tutorial and worksheet for other modders in the community.)



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