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Death's Head

"I wish I had better news, Admiral. He was badly wounded in the attempt on his life, and we did all we could. Only time will tell at this point."

Belina looked at the doctor and than back at the door that led at the medical room.

She could feel tears begining to form as she thought of what this could mean. She would be the last living member of her family if the Grand Admiral died. She brought her hand up to her face and wiped away the few tears that were going down her cheek.

"Can I see him?" She asked quietly. I swear, if he makes it through this I'll try to forgive him, try to get along with him!


Xeran muttered angerly under his breath as he limped into the medical bay. That last sparring match against Xandros had left him feeling drained and humiliated. The shinigami from the past had been a worthy opponet and had been honorable but he still didn't like it when he lost a sparring match.

I can't believe I actually lost against him. Xeran sighed heavily as he limped in and sat down on one of the beds and waited for the doctor to come by.

He turned to look at a figure that was sleeping on one of the beds nearby. Xeran looked him over. It looked like whoever it was had taken a bit of a beating.

Xeran took a quick look around the room and his eyes locked onto a set of armor that was on the other side of the room.

Wow...not a bad looking set of armor. He thought to himself as he limped over and took a closer look at it.
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