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This mod is great how ever an error o cured during the instillation duo to lack of disc space so i deleted old games i don't play so when i re installed the mod 43 error o cord manly about
"driveanimrun" encountered skipping entry witch now makes most charter's in the game literary messed up for instance master vrook has a twilek head and some sith people are robots but speak like normal people and republican officers are protocol droids how ever this gave me one advantage that i am invincible but most charter's a blank or cant bee seen for what ever reason went wrong .i have installed the mod 3 times and installed the patch 1.1 but i could not see anymore were i was going which helped me to skip the condensation with the droid that isn't visible not that all invisible characterful mainly robot causes the game to crash and some times visiting places causes game to crash like kashyyk or yavin 4 no that i am on the Orion and killed all of the shadow i have to to talk to that droid who is invisible so i cant com pleat the the task and i am stuck on that level

i have forgotten to make an emergency overdrive folder for kotorn 1 because i was very excited that i can finally play bos reveng .
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