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Ok well it's been a while and it feels good to post in this thread again

Much news on the recruit mod, good and bad of course. Let's see...

-The mod is almost finished. Well, it pretty much is finished, I just have to polish a few VO's and like one script.

-The reason it's almost finished is because the Nilban sidequest has been cut. If I set out to do such a big thing it would really never get released. I still have Q's areas working in K1 if anyone wants to use them though.

-Due to the Nilban cut, the installation will actually be way easier; the only reason I even need to make a TSLPatcher is to add in Dak's appearance. This mod will be very compatible.

-Tony Stark has been cut out and replaced by his personal assistant, JARVIS. He is a protocol droid and has his very own voiceovers. This way I feel like it's more of a nod to Iron Man and not a direct reference, though it is still Stark Industries and Tony is mentioned. I will be releasing the Tony Stark head as a playable character when I get around to it.

-Um, I forget if I mentioned this or not, but Dak replaces T3-M4.

I'm probably forgetting loads of stuff but I'll just leave you guys with something to see - here's a preview of some of the characters voiceovers in the mod. Note that the lines are pretty much randomly cut, especially Dak's lines that you get to see. The interrogation scene, however, plays out sequentially albeit majorly cut. I know I also mess with the volume and stuff but it just gives you a peek at the mod

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