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Question Monkey Island 2 SE: other language subs not working

Hi there guys

I ve been reading around these pages for last 2 hours without findind any solution for this problem, that as far as I know it's not just "mine".
I m talking about the not working subs in any other language in MISE 2. I ve tried everything I could..
- I used MI explorer and find the .info files and tried to replace the it/ (i'm italian) ones with the eng files. I didnt work because, as I read here, as the monkey2.pak file is repacked it's slightly different form the original and doesnt work. I tried a way to import o replace files directly in MI explorer or a similar software, but I didnt find anything like that.:¬:
-Then I tried working on and other files in audio folder but without any good result
-Then I tried with some oder editors (epic failure..).

In the end I read that perhaps the subs are in the 000 and 001 original files but how the hell could I take them and use the in game-text within??

Sorry to bother you, I wouldnt like to give up ...:¬:
any help is appreciated
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