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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
i noticed, thpugh TOR will be not as good as kotor because
1.Pay monthly (my problem)
2.Not unique, i saw a comment once about saying if they wer in TOR and were with a friend they'd say i saved the galexy and i only had the power to do it
and the friend would say SAME HERE
Though multiplayer would be good for Kotor 3 and lets hope TOR fails because then BF3 RC2 And Kotor 3 nught come to Lucus Arts head!
1) Can't get around that.
2) I saved the galaxy from Malak and the Star Forge. Only I could do it. Same thing except, more friends.

Better hope it DOESN'T fail. If it does, you won't see another game set in the Old Republic era. If it succeeds massively, you may see games released for the consoles that cannot do the MMO. Then get ported to PC(if you prefer). LA, Bioware and EA have a great deal invested in this. If it tanks as you hope, they are more likely to blame it on people not being as interested in Star Wars games. Heck they might just stop altogether.

Lets face it, TOR is one of the best Star Wars games out there. If it fails, good luck convincing LA to get another game out.

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