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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
Well, to be honest, the only reason why i wont get Tor is because i have to pay monthley, and im not spending my allowance and my parents would never play. Although i hope they dont ruin HK-47.And, maybe TOR dosn't have to fail, or massively succede, as they'll probobly only do expansion packs and that like WOW for the next couple of years...
That's fine. I can understand that aspect. An MMO is a significant time and money investment for someone with a limited budget.

As for Ruining HK-47. Unlike SOE with Galaxies, BioWare INVENTED HK-47. I'm sure they'll keep that sadistic droid as we love him.

If it succeeds, they may look at creating spin off games for consoles.

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