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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Well firstly, to get into a guild, that guild must be on the same server that you're playing on. A guild usually sends you an invite to join after you get into contact with them... (or you'll get random invites to a guild if it's an obnoxious guild who just likes to spam invites to everyone.)

LucasForums has two guilds operating at the moment which are both going to be active on TOR at launch (and during early access). The Walking Carpets on the Republic side and the Imperialist Meatbags for the Empire side.

The pre-launch guild program is over on the TOR site so you can't join either at the moment. Of course, once early access/launch starts, you will be able to join either of those by shooting Astor (for the IMB) or myself (for TWC) a private message with your characters name so we can send you an invite.

We should be finding out very soon which server our LF guilds will be on if you're interesting in joining one or both of them.
Hmm, when TOR launches I want to Join The Walking Carpet's, cause im gonna be a Jedi Knight.

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