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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
The Assassin and Sorcerer offer completely different play style choices (as do the Shadow/Sage Consular mirror classes). The Assassin is primarily designed for melee DPS, but can tank if spec'd properly (although how well in high level Flashpoint/Operation scenarios I am unsure). The Sorcerer offers you either ranged DPS or healing.

If group play is your thing then yes, I would say as a (good) healer you won't be wanting for invites. I would think there will be no shortage of Lightning spec'd Sorcerers, so if you went that route you'd probably have a much harder time getting invites to random groups. I'm not sure about Assassins of either flavour, but certainly I don't think groups will be wanting for DPS. Tanks on the other hand, like healers, will always be in demand (good ones anyway).
Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
That and you can help your guild out more as a healer... guilds are always looking for healers XD both make a good point. I was a good DPS-er and tank in WoW, so Assassin seems to be a good choice, since I can always go 'tank' mode or 'dps' mode whichever is demanded. Like you said, there's plenty of ranged DPS in the game so Sorcerer is 'healer' only if you want to get into groups...I'm also afraid healing gameplay is boring...what to do?

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