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Red Hand Sentinels (RHS) - Galactic Republic

Red Hand Sentinels (RHS): Traveling back through oceans of time; to a forgotten past - during the reign of the Old Republic....An elite group of professionals...species from different worlds; with unique skills from combat to diplomacy, was secretly created.

In a closed session, with the highest ranking officials of the Republic Senate, these individuals were summoned. They were given the opportunity to participate in solving any highly volatile intragalactic confrontation. These individuals, the “Prime Unit” were the top 1%, from their ranking classes from various fields.

This special group was a diverse cadre of combat professionals. They were chosen because of their high aptitude & resourcefulness. Ranging from elite commando units to individuals that had shown unbelievable Force-Sensitive abilities. These "soldiers" were the best at Covert (PvP), Space, & Land excursions (PvE).

The union of these individuals brought the concept of the "Red Hand" to fruition. Their main goal to embark on “Black Ops” sorties within the Republic; when all other avenues of negotiation had failed. Along the way, many smaller splinter factions would take on some form of the name Red Hand. These small pirate factions would assist RHS - elite group with gathering local intel.

(RHS) Their mission, vision and values was summed up into one phrase: Inservio Populus (To Serve Others). They were given full authority to complete any objective by whatever means was necessary. Their charter was never to be offically on record. This organization would be listed under a "Plausible Deniability" clause by the upper levels of the Republic Senate. Top Secret holo-archives record that an "unknown" resistance group was possibly responsible for stopping countless "Wars" from occuring on dozen of worlds. This group would be a driving juggernaut throughout the reign of the Golden Age of the Republic.

Now with the onslaught of a Sith presence, the Red Hand Sentinels (RHS) have been summoned again. The original members called back into action. They have secretly been ordered by the Jedi High Council and Republic Senate to be reactivated, recruit new members & engage this new Sith uprising.

In Millenia to come, it would be from these forefathers, that the future elite Red Hand Squadron (RHS) would be formed; to once again carry out their ideals. A noble calling for future generations of RHS soldiers; a calling that could never be silenced.

A legacy that continues to grow.

The Old Republic needs you. A Sith War has sprung from the past.

Do you have what it takes to join this elite group?

Can you pass the training phases and join RHS the legion vast?

RHS opens its recruitment phase. Unlock your inner potential.

Visit our encoded site for an application and teamspeak/ventrillo approval.

Petiton to join Red Hand Sentinels and enter the portal to Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG.

The search has ended…let the journey begin. Contact IGN: Davek-Suun-Ki

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