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RHS - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I consider joining RHS?
This is a guild formed from veteran players (ages 21+), Council does accept limited members below the age of 21 for membership consideration, with a strong history of gameplay. We pride ourselves as a special teaching guild. We establish friendships with all our guild members.

We keep our membership to a medium / large range for this very purpose. It truly is a unique experience. We offer quality and the ability for your voice to be heard and not lost in a large crowd.

We seek out individuals who have a passion and drive for a complete on-line experience. We develop our own story-line game content along with the scheduled updates. This makes for a very rewarding experience each week of gameplay.

We encourage low levels to join so they can be trained in their profession, and develop new skills. For our veteran players we offer new types of monthly game content. This content is launched through Roleplay, PVP groups and scheduled PVE events.

Both new and veteran players will feel a sense of ownership and contribute to the guild each time they log in.

If you are looking for a complete, mature, and enjoyable game experience, then your search has ended and your adventure is about to begin.

2) Do you have an age limit to join your guild?
Yes. limited membership by age of 21+ but exceptions can be made by Council; we do expect a certain level of maturity and professionalism in all members.

3) What do you look for in new members?
We expect all members to exemplify the values of our guild. We are team-focused (Guild First! is our core rule). We are friend-focused. We never backstab each other. We aren't anti-social players. We are always unified. We are always working in the best interest of the team. We are looking to have a good time. In addition, we expect new members to achieve some level of competence in the game we play. That competency varies from game to game. Personality wise and play style wise, we look for people that match ourselves

4) Do I NEED A Referral To Join Or Are Exceptions Made?
Occasionally, exceptions are made to our requirement to have a referral to join. Requiring a referral gives us a chance to get to know you and you a chance to get to know us. We seek members of similar personalities, values and gaming goals to our own and the referral part of the process aids in finding the right members. So it is possible, if you do not already know members, we can assign a recruiter to you and you can work through them to meet members and get to know us.

5) What about joining and then quitting and then rejoining?
We strongly feel the guild offers far more than most guilds do. That belief is reinforced that roughly 85% of all people who have ever quit us to join another guild have sought to rejoin us at a later date stating their experience here was far superior to those offered in other guilds. Also, roughly 90% of those who quit us for other guilds, end up quitting the game they are playing within 2-3 months. As a result, our policy on rejoins could be strict on repeat offenders. The main exception we make to that is: if a member has to quit online gaming for real life reasons (medical, work, school etc..) and later comes back to online gaming and wishes to rejoin the guild. If they were in good standing before they left, they can rejoin when they return to online gaming.

6) Does you offer total PVE & PVP Content?
We have entire sections of the guild which greatly enjoy PVP and participate in it often. We also have members who donít PVP. We donít force members to PVP, but we do offer support for those who do wish to PVP, in an organized, team-oriented manner.

7) If I join, will you make me an officer? Iím a really good leader.
We never recruit someone into a Council Officer role. We always promote from within the guild based on a number of factors including time in guild, demonstrated leadership ability and related qualities.

8) Do you have a public posting forum I can go read?
YES, if you're reading this, you've made it to our site. We do maintain a public posting forum. We do have a comprehensive and extremely active private guild posting forum that all members have access to.

9) Do you use Teamspeak?
Yes. We maintain our own private server for members only. We maintain a private guild Teamspeak server for use in the games that we play. While you do not need to use a mic, you must be able to listen in and reply back either voice or typing: Voice Chat or the Teamspeak Server. Our affiliated guilds also use ventrillo. That is also a useful & free application to download as well.

10) How is the guild organized and led?
We term our guild structure a 'Guiding Democracy'. Said another way, there is a Council composed of senior officers, who are the final decision makers on all things guild related. We encourage all guild members to voice their opinions on any subjects related to the guild.

...Where the grown ups come to play, when the kiddies are sleeping.

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