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Like I mentioned (years ago ), I finally found some time to work on some translation apps in python for the greek language i.e. a language that needs you to add new characters, (you can't get away with replacing "unused" characters from the existing in the png).

My apps so far seem to work, however:
a) I need to complete the translation to verify that no unexpected bugs show up.

b) In their current version the apps are specific for the greek language (some things that should be configuration options in the gui are instead hardcoded), so there is additional work to be done for making the code more... generic.*

c) They are tested for files of MI:SE (no attempt was made to test it/make it compatible with MI2:SE yet). Files that can be translated are the,, monkey1.hints.csv and the *.credits.xml files.

I know that there are other programs that already do (something like or exactly) this (like enz°'s), but I intend to finish the greek translation for MI:SE with mine. (also I never could get hold of enz°'s apps)

*. Worst case scenario, if I'm not done by, say, next year's summer, I'll release the code and let someone else interested to make the proper adjustments for their language.

Screenshot pics:

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