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Freedom - Akbar Hangar

"Kavrik. Admiral Belina is setting up a meeting in meeting room three in around twenty minutes and would like you to attend."

Startled, Kavrik jumped back from the table at which he sat, stumbling over the chair, but managing just barely to stay upright. For a moment, he simply stared at the datapad still resting on the table. It was showing blank now, though just a moment ago, it had been scrolling rapidly through a detailed history of the last hundred and thirteen years. Checking his memory of what he'd been reading, he realized he had indeed been near the end.

"I'll reset the datapad to where you left off," Lysandra told him. "For now, you'd better get that."

Kavrik nodded and crossed the room to the com panel. "I'd like nothing better, Admiral Garja. Thanks for the heads up."

He snatched the datapad up from the table and moved to leave his ship. Just leaving the common room, he hesitated. "Uh, Lys, seeing as I didn't really sleep..."

"You'd like a stimulant," Lys filled in. "You've only got one hyper-caf left. Use it well."

"This is using it well," Kavrik argued. "If I come off as a half-asleep lunatic to the Admiral, how could she seriously feel at ease with hiring me?"

"Well you did save her life," Lys countered. "Never mind. Hyper-caf is where you left it. Panel's unlocked."

"Thank you," Kavrik said, moving into the galley. One panel was slightly popped and he pulled it open, retrieving from it a small, cylindrical container. Dropping it on the counter, he ripped the top off and smiled in satisfaction at the quiet hiss followed by an immediate upward draft of steam.

"Oxygen and hyper-caf powder mix," he said. "Hot, energizing beverage in a split second. Could there be anything better? Lys, don't you dare comment."

Snatching up the container, he kicked the wall panel closed and headed out, datapad in one hand and hyper-caf in the other. As he walked, he ordered his datapad to resume playback. The information on its screen scrolled past with astonishing rapidity, but he did not order it slower. In just a few seconds, it was over and he tucked the pad under his arm. Not much later, he arrived at the assigned meeting room and entered, finding again that he was the first to arrive. So much the better, he thought, again choosing a seat that faced the door, its back to a solid wall.

Seated, he waited, sipping his hyper-caf slowly, and with each sip, looking more and more alert and energized.

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