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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
Something I have always wanted to ask you for years. Does money randomly fall out of your bum?
All of my cash is disposable, honestly.

And, uhhh... for new things?
  • My uncle gave me the rest of the shotgun, a nice 4GB CF card, a spare Olympus FourThirds lens, and 50rnds of 12GA birdshot.
  • Plants vs Zombies for my Kindle Fire.
  • Bulletstorm, World of Good, and Dead Space 2 on Steam.
  • A $30 b/g/n wireless router so I can get good wifi in my room finally.
  • And the Kindle book "Mao's Great Famine"

As soon as I'm doing with my C++ class final on Tuesday I'm gonna be playing BF3's Return to Karkand, Shogun 2, Bulletstorm/Dead Space 2 until my face is blue. Oh, and finally buy Skyrim... it's been really hard maintaining my Elder Scrolls chastity.

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