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After her family had left, Kalla commented, "I'll be honest, I was most worried about what my brother would say. My father and Iyav are generally pretty understanding." Pausing for a moment, she asked, "Do you like my ideas for the baby's name?"

Emperor's Tower, Sith Palace, Coruscant

"My lord, our work at the site on Dagobah is complete." Darth Vokun explained to Darth Pestilus.

"Excellent, and yet you seem uneasy." Pestilus commented.

"My lord, with the loss of Naboo, and the incident on Tatooine, it's possible the Resistance may have learned something of our plans. If they discovered the truth-" Vokun said before being cut off.

"You think I don't know that? Why do you think not even our own Troopers know the true nature of our project? No doubt the Resistance will be sending a team to Dagobah. Deal with them personally" Pestilus instructed.

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