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I am guessing that if the situation is dire, I would be sent out. Alpha Team is considered the best in you know what. No rest for the weary right?

Rest assured, If your going out there then I am as well. If she does try to restrict me from going due to the pregnancy I want to help me convince her otherwise. Alriana send back. She was determined to go out on this mission.

In the meantime...we should probably start thinking up names for the baby. She sent in a joking tine that had just a hint of seriousness. Maybe we could start discussing it after the meeting?

Sith Frigate
unknown location

The cathar that had once been known to the jedi as Varith but was now known as Darth Corial to the sith silently meditated behind the vast viewports that kept him from dying in the cold vaccum of space.

A slight disturbance in the force was the only warning he had that he was not alone. He instantly jumped to his feet and ignited his lightsaber and turned to face his opponet. When he saw who had caused the disturbance his eyes widened in shock.

Varith...what have you done? Asked the blue ghostly figure of his long dead wife Jirla in a voice that was filled with tears.

"Jirla..." He whispered in shock.

You were once a jedi...and one of the bravest men I ever met...but have turned your back on the jedi and became what you were sworn to defend the galaxy against. What happened to you? What have you become?

"The jedi called me back to their temple when I could have saved the people of our homeworld from those pirates! They took me away and you ended up dying because of them!"

No must understand. I brought my death on myself. It was the only way to protect our child. If they thought me the only one...then they wouldn't kill our child.

" mean...We...have a child." time is growing short. I beg you Varith, return to the jedi...and find our child. She is somewhere on Cathar and is in need of her father. if you love me Varith...if there is still good in your heart you will save her!

Varith slowly sank to his knees. "I will...I swear to you I will find out child...but the jedi...I don't know yet."

For me Varith...Please...Find her.

Varith turned to the bridge crew who had seen the exchange between the Sith apprentice and the force ghost. "Set course for Cathar. Engage lightspeed as soon as we are able to."

"But sir...We have been ordered to remain here until Lord Pestilus orders us to go to the Dagobah system."

Varith smiled a very dark smile at the officer and was tempted to choke the man for his question but he thought better of it.

"I am in command of this ship. You will follow my orders. If my Master has a problem with these orders then he can take them up with me."

"Yes sir." The officer said quietly as he entered the coordinates while quietly sending an encoded transmission to Lord Pestilus informing him of the Cathar's orders.

The ship quickly entered lightspeed after the coordinates were entered for Cathar.
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