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Rest assured, If your going out there then I am as well. If she does try to restrict me from going due to the pregnancy I want to help me convince her otherwise.

Tavaryn raised a brow at Alriana. He knew she had a mind of her own and nothing he would say would convince her to do otherwise once it was made up. However knowing that she was pregnant, he wondered about the effects it would bring. They both had high risk jobs that carried the possibility of death. It was something that would have to be discussed eventually. He replied, I doubt I could change the Admiral's mind. I cause too much trouble for her already.

In the meantime...we should probably start thinking up names for the baby. She sent in a joking tine that had just a hint of seriousness. Maybe we could start discussing it after the meeting?

He listened to her conversation and added, We don't even know what 'it' is yet. It's like when Murasaki was picking out names for her first stallion colt and it wasn't even born yet.

He waited while the admiral was waiting for everyone to be present. She appeared to be much calmer now and he voiced, "Press onward is the motto, right Admiral?"

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