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I respect everyone's opinion here, you are well-read, erudite, but you are also wrong... THE MOST POWERFUL sith was Exar Kun.
"Enveloped in the dark side, Kun elevated himself to the stature of a god.", "He enslaved the Massassi."; "As a young Jedi Knight, Kun exhibited a powerful connection to the Force. Through long practice, he had achieved unparalleled prowess in lightsaber combat."; "Kun was able to create terrifying creatures twisted by the dark side's influence..."; "One of the Krath's fallen Jedi was Ulic Qel-Droma, whom Kun perceived as the only Force-sensitive tainted by the Sith that was strong enough to challenge him."; "...drained the life-force of almost the entire Massassi race, transcending his own mortal body..."; "However, he was defeated when Nomi Sunrider led thousands of Jedi in the creation of a wall of light; the power of which destroyed the landscape of Yavin 4, and trapped the Dark Lord's spirit within the walls of his temple forever."; "Kun's power in the Force became extraordinary. He had a strong Force sense, the ability of Force Flight, and was capable of emitting Force Blasts from his hands that could crumble stone walls and kill Sithspawn with a single hit."; "The fact that the spirits of the ancient sith lords supported Exar Kun suggest that they did not and perhaps do not support the sith emperor we face today."
So comparing all other girly siths(Palpatine, Bane, Revan...) with Exar Kun is ridiculous. I guess this ends the dispute and controversy. Next time check the sources more careful.
Oh, and by the way why don't you go and fight/kill a lion with a pen instead of a sword? Politic is a twisted game made by the degraded human brain and in the end "caesar" fears the general and his soldiers, they represent the raw power, as it is in the nature.

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