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Meeting Room three

Garja noticed the moment that he arrived was that Kavrik was there first. And for reasons unknown to him he had taken a chair that was facing the door. Garja simply shrugged it off. The Ackbar was on hight alert at the moment and he doubted anyone could sneak aboard now.

It was possible that he could be wrong about that but he doubted that he was wrong.

"Kavrik." He said as a greeting. "Admiral Belina and the others will be arriving shortly. I hope that you found everything that you needed. If not we can always see if another ship has the parts you require."


I doubt I could change the Admiral's mind. I cause too much trouble for her already.

Alriana looked over at him and shook her head slightly. "I wouldn't say that you cause that much trouble. She would probably listen to you."

Alriana reached the turbolift and looked behind her and saw Admiral Belina coming up behind them. She apparently hadn't heard the conversation.

"Is everyone ready to get going?" Belina asked. "I have a feeling that Kavrik is already waiting for us and possibly Garja as well."

Ackbar Medbay

"No. I'm not too eager to join a squad right after mine has been fragmented. Give me a few days."

"Alright...but rest assured, Alpha team is always looking for new recruits. If you change your mind let me know."

Xeran watched as valek went down and instantly grabbed him and hoisted him up and made sure that Valek's arm was around his neck.

"Get a Jedi."

"Easy there pal." Xeran said as he helped the man sit down on the bed he had been on a moment ago. "I'll put a request to see if we can get a jedi down there as soon as possible."

Xeran opened up a comnlink to the bridge.

"This is Xeran with the third ground company battalion. I could use a jedi to come down here and give me a hand with something."

The response was immediate. "This is science officer Koral. I'll see what we can do. Please stand by."

Ackbar Bridge

Koral opened up a comnlink to the last known deck that Komad had been on and hoped that he was still there. "Jedi Komad. If you are able to, please report to the Medbay as soon as possible. I repeat: Jedi Komad, if you are able to please report to the medbay as soon as possible."
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