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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Interestingly enough Almost every thing mentioned on page 1 is in TOR.
Diverging story lines: Yep
More Story: By leaps and bounds
Character customization: Yep
Couruscant: Yep
Better ship: yep
Space combat: sorta yep
Bioware: Yep
Better blasters: yep
Plot twists: Not spoiling it, but yep
More planets: Yep
Sorry, they did revisit Tat.
Wanking to Revan: not so much.
Cameos: HK does, don't know about Kreia or any of the others. Bastilla's kin is.
Reasonable explanation for having rebuilt the order: Check
non-jedi main(if you so choose): Thankfully YES
Play as a Sith: Yep.
Grey as an option: not really. you have good or bad choices. Neutral is rarely an option
Pay every month to keep playing the game: Yep

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