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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
TOR wont be kid friendly i think, too many adult players and adult features. Hmm, me thinks
Would you release a kid on the internet alone? If not, then yeah TOR won't be kid friendly as there are a bunch of adults and people with absolutely abrasive language. Though that can be fixed with turning off the chat pane. There are no chat bubbles, so you can't see what someone is saying right in front of you. All scenes of adult nature are in fade to black. LucasArts would not allow a game like this to be too adult in nature. Heck they removed Spice from Galaxies because it was too much like drugs.

I spend more than $15 a week on take out. Heck one night in the restaurant with my girlfriend is more than $50. Also, how much would you pay to have your save games kept safe no matter what hardware you go to. If you stop playing for a few months and cancel your account, and come back and lost your install disk(assuming the free trial system later) but remembered your login info, you get your game and your saved progress back.

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