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Ackbar, Medbay

"I'm on my way." Komad replied, quickly leaving his quarters and heading to the medbay.

Upon arriving, he was shocked to see who the patient was. "Valek?" He asked, before turning to Xeran, "Before I start, I need to know exactly what's wrong with him."

Ackbar, Meeting Room Three

Garja was soon followed by Kol Skywalker himself, having arrived on board the Ackbar with no announcement or fanfare.

"I've been looking forward to finally meeting you in person, Kavrik. I'm Kol Skywalker, Grand Master of the Jedi Order." He said, holding his hand.

Council Chambers, Sith Palace, Coruscant

"I told you Corial couldn't be relied upon." Darth Noctis pointed out to Pestilus upon learning of Corial's intent to go to Cathar rather than Dagobah. "With Sykal dead, we can't afford just dissent in our ranks, especially not from your own apprentice."

"If he is captured by the Jedi, or if he goes to them willingly, he would most likely reveal the Project to them." Darth Lethe added.

Pondering this, Darth Pestilus opened a channel to Darth Vokun about the Kraken. "Lord Vokun, before you go to Dagobah, I'll need to you retrieve Lord Corial from Cathar. If he refuses to cooperate, kill him."

"As you command, my Lord." Vokun replied.

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