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Music to RoR

Dear Logan23!
I'm very imprest by your work on Revenge Of Revan, and video with revealed VO and original music very inspired me!
I always was a true fan of Star Wars, and KotOR espacialy. And now i want to get a chance to be involed to creation of such expectible chapter of Revan's and Exile's story!
I will be happy to write some music to this mod, whatever world or situation it belongs to! I have a high enough musical aducation, and posibilities to record it with samples of highest quality!
I know you have a composer for this project and a lot of themes already done, BUT if you have just something you plan to do, some posible themes, it will be honor for me to give a little piece of my heart to this great project!
Here're a links to fiew themes i composed, and i hope it matches to emotional idea of RoR story!
Thank you for your time!
With best regards, Darth Delator!

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