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Ackbar Meeting Room 3

"She still requires a few things though. I might check with your other ships as well."

"Just let our quartermaster know what you need to repair her and I'll make sure that you get it."

Garja then looked up in suprise as the current Grand Master of the Jedi walked in. He hadn't heard any news of him arriving. Still, if the Grand Master was here it must be important.

"Grand Master Skywalker, I didn't know that you were coming to this fact I didn't know you were aboard the Ackbar. Is there something we can help you with sir?"

Arriving at Cathar

Even as the frigate dropped out of hyperspace Corial was scanning through the force for a mind that was identical to his own...not exactly like his own but still somewhat like his.

He knew that he had a limited amount of time to find his daughter before he was forced to return to the sith. But even as he scanned the words of his wife continued to ring through his head.

I beg you Varith...Return to the jedi! Save our child!

Varith's eyes were closed in concentration as he reached through the force and after a few minutes of searching...he found a mind was was similiar to his...A mind that reminded him of his beloved his wife.

A mind that sensed his touch and reached back. Varith pulled back in shock. His daughter was force-sensative! This was unexpected and it added a new set of variables into his plan.

The jedi...they would take care of her...train her and protect her. But the sith...they could teach ther to harness her power and use it for the glory for the sith. Varith sighed quietly. If he brought her to the was possible she would be killed by the other students if they saw her as competition.

Varith thought back to his days with the jedi. To the joy he had felt when he had created his first lightsaber. To the sorrow he had felt when his Master had been killed. And to the joy he had felt when he had encountered his future wife.

And the rage filled slaughter that had followed when he had found her dead.

Is it possible that they would take me back? No...I am too far gone but my daughter...she still has a chance to have a better life.

Varith turned to the first officer. "Prepare a shuttle. I am going down to the surface and will be returning shortly."

Varith turned and headed for the lift.

Ackbar Medbay

"Before I start, I need to know exactly what's wrong with him."

"Oh the regualr stuff." Xeran said with a smile. "Busted leg and I suspect that he has some stuff he hasn't told me about yet."
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