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Question Revan's Lightsaber Form

ok, so I was playing KotOR and during the scene where Bastila and the jedi confront Darth Revan, it occured to me that Revan took an unusual stance just as Malak fired on his ship.

So later I was watching Mace Windu arrest Palpatine, and it looks to me as if Mace Windu took a very similar opening stance during the office duel with palpatine. (I couldn't find a good enough pic, so just look, its just after 00:40)
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I know that Mace Windu used Vaapad as his primary lightsaber form, and that it wasn't around during the KotOR era. However, as evident in TSL, Juyo was around. And Vaapad was developed from Juyo. Do you guys think Revan was going to use Juyo against Bastila, or is the similarity just a coincidence?

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