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Ackbar, Meeting Room Three

"Word travels quickly among the Jedi, and your unique nature with regard to the Force makes you rather interesting to us." Kol said to Kavrik before turning to Garja. "The nature and importance of this mission warrants my personal attention. I will be going with the team to Dagobah myself."

Ackbar, Medbay

"I ask because using the Force to heal wounds is extremely exhausting, but less so if I can focus on specific injuries." Komad explained. "I'll start with the leg though."

Ackbar, Kalla and Tonatius's Quarter's

"Just content?" Kalla asked. "In fairness, even with the morning sickness and everything else, it does seem far off to me too. Though I still can't believe I actually puked in the corridor of a Naboo prison."

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