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Ackbar, Meeting Room Three

"The nature and importance of this mission warrants my personal attention. I will be going with the team to Dagobah myself."

"As you wish sir. Will you be bringing any additional jedi with you to Dagobah?"

Garja asked.


"Admiral is there anything to be expected from this meeting?"

"I wouldn't really expect any suprises from this meeting." Belina said that they arrived on the meeting deck. "It's supposed to be a meeting about the upcoming mission to Dagobah so we're going to be talking about what units are going to be deployed, possible resistance that we may run into and things like that."

Belia walked to the door and opened it and was suprised to see Kol Skywalker, the current Grand Master of the Order standing in the room. "Grand Master Skywalker...this is an unexpected pleasure. I take it that your coming along on this mission with us?"

She then turned to Kavrik who was sitting with his back to the wall. "Kavrik. I'm glad to see that you could join us." She said with a smile as she took a seat on the side of the table. "Before we begin this meeting I think we should introduce you to my Chief of Security and the leader of Alpha Team."

Belina motioned to Alriana to step forward. "This is Jedi Alriana, my chief of security aboard the Ackbar. "If you have any security concerns and I'm not available feel free to bring them to her attention."

Alriana couldn't sense Kavrik in the force which was making her a bit uneasy but she pushed that uneasiness aside and smiled at Kavrik.


Varith slowly walked through the hallways of the building. He had put his lightsaber away shortly after entering the building as it had frightend the owner. He didn't understand why he even cared what they thought. He was sith, and sith didn't care what the common people thought of them. But still...when he finally found his daughter he didn't want to scare her. He was a bit worried that since his daughter was force-sensative she would be able to detect what he was.

He quietly opened the door that the force signature that so strongly resembled his own and looked down once it was open.

A small cathar girl was looking back up at him. A cathar woman was holding her tightly around the stomach and was glaring at him. "We know what you are sith. She snarled. "If you think you are taking Velra with you then you are mistaken!"

"I have no wish to fight." Varith said as he spread his hands to show that he was unarmed. "I am simply here to take my daughter away from this place."

The Cathar shook her head. "Jirla said that others would come. That people would try to take advantage of her gifts and use her. Before she died she told me that only one could be trusted. That only her father could be trusted. He is a jedi and you are no jedi. I can smell the blood on you!"

"I was once a jedi..." Varith said quietly. "It is too late for me to return to the path of the lightside...but for my daughter it is not too late for her. I want her to have a better life. A better life then both you and I can provide for her.

The Cathar girl broke away from the woman and ran towards him. Varith looked at the woman and a slight smile appeared on his face. "Come with me little one...and I promise I will give you a better life."

"No! Stay away from him Velra! He is dangerous!"

Velra looked up at him and Varith could sense the child searching him over with the force...trying to see if he was telling the truth.

For the first time in a long time...he was.

The young Cathar smiled and grabbed his hand and Varith began to lead her away as the older Cathar woman began to sob. Velra turned and looked back at the woman and smiled.

"It'll be okay."

And with those parting words from Velra, Varith led his girl down the hallway and out of the building and towards his shuttle.
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