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I don't know about TOR specifically, but wanted to give a heads up regarding some potentially exploitive dueling.

The exploit comes from the fact that in some MMO's there are areas that allow PvP content between the factions, but you have to specifically flag yourself for PvP before the other team can attack you. Even while flagged, you can't attack anyone else unless they too flag themselves.

You can flag yourself for PvP usually through a slash command (like /pvp) or by trying to attack someone of the opposite faction who is flagged.

In WoW - something I confirmed myself on a rather humorous occassion - it was possible to start a duel with the opposing faction after flagging yourself for PvP. After the duel started, you could immidiately concede the duel using the slash command /concede. Once conceded, the duel is no longer taking place, but because you flagged yourself for PvP you're still a legitimate target to your opponent.

The opponent, potentially unaware that you conceded the duel, begins to attack you, thus flagging themself for PvP. The group you're riding across the desert with on your way to a raid - some what oblivious to what's going on - suddenly sees you being attacked by a PvP flagged person of the opposite faction. All 20 of them hop off their horses and proceed to chase the poor sod across the desert and end his life.

It's fun really, unless you're the guy who was tricked into flagging themself for PvP. And that's the moral of the story - don't get duped into a fight were you can potentially be killed, even if the premise is simply a "duel." There's lots of ways to grief people in duels.

In TOR, knocking people off a cliff seems like an obvious way of griefing in a duel. Your attacks may not be able to kill someone in a duel, but a long enough drop will because the damage is environmental. It's also possible that during a duel you pull aggro (aggression, or the attention of an enemy) from a nearby mob (movable object, an old MMO term to refer to PvE enemies or potential enemies) who finishes you off.

Take care when considering a duel!

I also wanted to mention regarding looting:

General rules vary on the do's and don'ts of looting. Different parties will do things differently, even guilds will do things differently. And there's generally different rules based on the quality of the gear you're liable to find.

In general, in pubs, I have a few rules I follow that I expect others to follow:

1) If you roll need, it's because you plan to equip the item immidiately, or you plan to equip the item as soon as you are high enough level to do so. If you don't plan on putting the item on, don't plan to roll need. I want to see that item bound to you.

In other words, if a really nice item drops that you *could* use, but you would probably sell, then roll greed. Need is for people who actually need to use the item - not just those who could use it. Greed is for everyone else.

2) If you just plan to sell the item, or trade it, you're welcome to roll greed. And that goes for anything, including rare bind on equip items that will fetch a pretty penny when auctioned.

3) Don't loot until the fighting is over - FOR EVERYONE! I've been a pretty good healer in past MMO's and one thing I CANNOT stand is people who start looting before mobs are dead. I've had really bad experiences with it.

In fact, in one particular case, our group pulled a mini-boss with 2 other elite mobs. I was the healer in the back trying to stay out of the action. Our tank didn't realize that the elite mobs weren't aggroed to him and continued to focus the miniboss with the rest of the team.

"No problem," I said, and used a skill to decrease some of my aggro getting the mobs off me and back onto the tank. Shortly after, the miniboss went down and the group proceeded to loot. Unbenounced to them (because no one was paying attention to the party tab) both of the other mobs had reaggroed to me when my spell wore off.

Despite my best yelling in a chat box, no one noticed I was dying until I had died. After being revived, I promptly left that group to fend for themselves.

Moral of the story: the items aren't going anywhere, there's plenty of time to pick them up and most quest items will spawn duplicates for everyone. Your main healer, on the other hand, is there to survive the challenge just like you, and if you leave them (or anyone else) out to dry, you can rest assured that they WON'T be there for long.

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